Owner tries to make her Husky to take a Bath; like any dog, Husky s hate baths. You won’t believe the Responses he gave!

No Way! I am not taking a Shower, says the Husky

I know you are well aware of the fact that dogs don’t like bathing; especially mine, he runs out to roll in the dirt after every single bath.


But have you seen where a dog vocally argues with his owner as she tries to make him have his shower?

Apart from the general assumption that dog hates bath time, there may be several other reasons where your canine buddy will always dread bathe time.


I’ve met with owners who have shared tips of what they do to make their dogs enjoy bath time, but that’s for another day.


Today I’ll be pointing out reasons why I think this dog refused to have his bath.

BTSD (Bath Traumatic Stress Disorder)

After you watch this video, you’ll agree with me that this guy hates bath time. And I think it might be as a result of some terrible experience with water. I wish dogs could speak, but since they don’t, they leave us guessing possible meanings to their actions, and the first thing I could imagine was BTSD

Husky Refuses to take a shower

On the next page you will see How eloquent is his guy on the refusal and determination. Watch the video On Next Page!

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