Dog owner decides to take husky’s favorite spot; he never expected his dog to react this way.

You Are Asking for Trouble That is My Spot Says Nala

To be honest, I have never seen a dog throw tantrums the way Nala does, and I’m sure if she had her way, she would whisk her owner out of that couch.


I know sometimes we love to disrupt our dogs “alone time” because they never bother to leave us alone when we need ours, but I think Nala likes that spot because its winter and that spot is close enough to the radiator to keep her warm.

Again, she may like the spot because it gives her a perfect view of the Christmas tree by the corner. I can think of some may reasons why Nala insisted on making that spot hers, but whatever the case may be, she never stopped fighting for what is rightfully hers (be like Nala).


The video started off with cute Nala side-eyeing her owner, meaning to say “you see this face right here? I’m not playing with you! I want my spot.”


Guess what? Her owner didn’t move an inch. Maybe he wants to enjoy the radiator heat too, but no, Nala won’t have it.

She continued tugging at his blanket to no avail when she realized that wasn’t working, she resulted to playing with her owner’s hand thinking that would make him stand up, unluckily for her, and he didn’t. Poor Nala!! At this point, if you could read Nala’s mind, you’ll find her wishing for superpowers that will enable her to yank him off that couch.

Move Man That is My Spot

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