This Hilarious Compilation of Epic Dog Fails, will crack a rib or two by laughing so hard!

epic dog fails compilation video

Watching this video of Epic Dog Fails I laughed so hard my ribs hurt. I had to rewind scenes over and over again because I couldn’t get enough of that legendary fall.


I had tears in my eyes and I couldn’t shake the Giggles every time I remembered details, I am sure it will do the same thing to you.

I used to think dogs, unlike humans, could not have any missed ups! But after this video, I instantly concluded that we are not so different after all, Dog Fails & Human Fails are abundant. We laugh at the failure of others and of course of Dogs too but after the laugh I felt sorry for some of those dog fails, because of how hard they got hit!


My Favorite more compelling and Funny Dog Fails on the Video, are…

Of particular interest to me was dog number 6 and 13. After you watch the video, maybe you would have your favorite, but to me these were mine.


Honestly, all the dogs were hilarious, but I think these two were my favorite because they remind me of my real life scenarios.

Dog number 13 is a typical example of me after my finals, lol. Dashing out with the son on his face, fell, doesn’t care, rolls a little and gets back up again. The speed at which he ran was me after my finals.

Video Thumbnail

Dog number 6 is me trying to reach my goals. This funny dog represents the fact that the struggle is real. I love the way he fights endlessly to get to the lemon ball, and when he finally does, he bites on it for a while, and it went farther away again. He just stood there looking at it like “Do I have to start all over again?”

These were my top two favorites.

Compilation videos are always hilarious, and this one is no different. It’s okay to doggie; we do too!

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