Fierce Chihuahua Got in Trouble and Was Sent to Behavioral School! You’ll Be Surprise of What He Learn There!


Fierce Chihuahua are very common, believe it or not! I am a Very Fierce one Myself if I might Say So. Now been fierce have nothing to do with been bad mannered.


To tell the Truth, some of My fellow Chihuahuas are a little too fierce and ill mannered too

Talking about manners, I think I forgot to introduce myself. Although most of you already know me, I’ll like to introduce myself once again.


Hi, I am Foxy the Chihuahueña, and I’m sending you warm hugs and sloppy kisses as a sign of welcoming you to my page once again.


I was going through videos on the internet, thanks to the new tab Foster mom got for me when I stumbled on this video of my cousin Flash.Talking about a Fierce Chihuahua, Boy!

I know most times I’m stubborn, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as strongly opinionated like flash my cousin.

I know this may sound weird coming from a Fierce Chihuahua, but believe me when I say Flash does know how to put on a show.

Make no mistake of telling him to go north; he’d go south instead.

The last we talked, he told me his owner sent him to a school for stubborn dogs, I’m guessing anger management class. But I never knew they made a video!

Fierce Chihuahua was asking for Trouble and is sent to Behavioral School.

Manners are Important for everyone! Find out how Victoria make this Fierce Chihuahua understand, in the Video on Next Page.

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