Couple got their Dog a Camera, and he Captured the Entire Wedding. Smart, Very Smart….

Harry Up She Is Getting Married

This video left me wondering how creative dog owners can be. The extent of creative ideas you get when you own a dog is endless.


I mean, why haven’t I thought of this? I have decided to get my dog a camera after watching this video. Stunning and magical, this dog’s cinematography skills will amaze you.

The dog, Ryder, was the cinematographer for the day, and just like any other professional film maker, she started off with footage of the bride and groom getting ready for their big day.


She first ran to greet the bride, and from her gesture, you could see she is a proud owner.


Ryder gave us a sneak peek into the brides wedding dress, making sure not to leave any detail undone, as she shows the bride getting her hair done in front of a mirror.

Next, they headed out into the snow for the ceremony. Addie and Marshall had always dreamed of a magical wedding; the two feet of snow on the top of Road Mountain made that happen.

what a gorgeous day to get hitched

Find Out how clever is this Dog. Watch the video on the next page…

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