Dog Denver Mischief, is Called out and he can’t help for his Face to Give Him Away! Brother, that is Not a Laughing Matter.


Dog Denver Mischief get him always in trouble with his Owner. He cannot learn that No Matter What, his Owner will always get to the truth. You must see his face, is priceless.


Somewhere along memory lane, we have been in situations where we get called out to answer for something we didn’t do. Maybe it was in high school or a family gathering, and you so happened to be present went the mischievous act was carried out, lol.

I’m not certain what this video will do for you when you watch it, but I am sure this video will once again prove that dogs are just like humans.


Denver’s Misbehavior Always Carry a Guilty Verdict!

In this video, Denver was found guilty of a mischievous act and sent to the penalty box. Why would a dog have a penalty box, the answer is obvious; Sweet Denver is always guilty as charged.


The video started off with Denver’s owner stepping into the house to find a packet of kitty cats treat on the floor, and he said: “looks like somebody got into the kitty cats treat while I was out.”

It gets interesting as he picked it up to go find out who did that. This was where the investigation as to the crime began.


Discover the Outcome of the Investigation of Dog Denver Mischief!

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