Cute dog Mymo takes stroll with Penny, you won’t believe what they do…

cute dog maymo takes penny for a stroll

Maymo, alias the “master of disguise”, is one cute dog that never seems to stop making his followers laugh. Well, this time he took his friend penny for a stroll in a shopping cart! Lol


This Cute Dog Adventures, Grab Your Attention…!

When I first stumbled on Maymo on Instagram, I was stuck on his page for a long time until I realized I had gone through his pictures all the way down to March 2017!

It doesn’t matter if you are a lover of four legs or not; this video is guaranteed to make you laugh. From the house to the park, tennis court, railway station, salon and even a hospital, Maymo wheels his friend penny all the way!


Everyone who knows Maymo knows just how much he likes his friend Penny. So when I watched this video of Maymo pushing penny in a shopping cart, I was so proud of him for living up to chivalry.


He took penny to the aquarium, the forest and even to the gym. Imagine a dog wheeling another dog in a shopping cart all through these destinations, lol they sure had a fantastic time and also stopped by to see a friend at work.

He is a really cute dog and got me laughing so hard my ribs hurt. Principally the trip to the hospital, you really should see that.

What got me wondering in this video was how penny could sit so comfortably in the shopping cart all through the ride.


To describe how cute, they were, heads turned when they walked through a salon! I wonder what this duo was up to there? maybe penny went to get her nails done or something.

If you are on the adventurous side of life, this video will leave you wondering if you could try this with a friend.

Watch to see what happened at the end of their journey together. 🙂 [mashshare]

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Maymo and penny delivered an excellent performance worthy of notation and I must say, for me… this is the best Maymo’s video yet! [mashshare]

What do you think? Do You have a dog as Smart and Funny as Maymo? 

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